Vision and Mission

A Museum of world cultures increases global understanding

The main job of the Foundation behind the Helinä Rautavaara Ethnographic Museum is to maintain the collection, which presents different cultures of the world, and to share our knowledge of cultures beyond Europe.

We do this by maintaining and developing recording, research, exhibition, and publishing activities related to the Museum’s area of expertise, and by striving to add to its collection in accordance with the Foundation’s purpose.

Collaboration is a key part of our activities.  Our vision is to build a culturally diverse Finland and a socially just world. We operate at the core of current global social issues. We are a recognised specialist in cultural diversity and a sought-after partner.

For us, pluralism, reciprocity, and topicality are key values.

Kwassi Akpladokou from Benin tells conservator Elina Torvinen about the Egungun costumes. Photo: Kristina Tohmo 2019
Khadim Ba, Kristina Tohmo, Aty Seck and Abdou Niang studying Helinä Rautavaara’s photographs from Senegal. Photo: Helka Saarinen 2019
Mestre Garrincha, Mestre Samara, Professor Matthias Röhrig Assunçiao and Mestre Cobra Mansa studying Rautavaara’s materials from Brazil. Photo: Kristina Tohmo 2017