From Zero to Hero

21.3.2024 - 2.2.2025

Role models from Nairobi

Everyone faces difficulties in life. What can help in a difficult and contradictory situation? What gives you the strength to believe that you can get through it?

From Zero to Hero brings Nairobi to Espoo – and to Finnish school classrooms. Young people who grew up homeless in Nairobi are now adults. They have broken free from the cycle of crime and substance abuse, created jobs and rented their own homes. They are living examples that change for the better is possible in life.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to visit a nail studio in Nairobi, a vegetable stall and a car wash. At the same time, Amina Nyiva (in the photo), Stephen Maina, Jashon Mumbo and other Kenyan mentors in the exhibition will share their life experiences. The Kenyan team has studied the situation of young people in Finland and tailored an empathetic experience that aims to offer empathising and hope-generating insights.

The exhibition can also be ordered free of charge for secondary schools. Audience manager Helka Saarinen offers 60 and 90-minute thematic sessions. School visitors will be able to experience the streets of Nairobi through VR glasses. The exhibition has been produced with development cooperation funds from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Finnish NGO Taksvärkki ry and the Kenyan NGO Undugu Society of Kenya.

Photo: Brian Inganga

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