Eternal values. Book design from Asia, Africa and Europe

Coming in 2025

The exhibition approaches the global tradition of religious books from the perspective of book design rather than textual tradition. The exhibition includes Ethiopian handmade book scrolls, Indian and Balinese palm leaf books, Batacca bamboo trunk books, Chinese laser-burned bamboo leaf books, Tibetan prayer wheels, Korean sutras and miniature Qurans from the collections of non-fiction writer Niklas Bengtsson.

The exhibition also features a variety of Christian books from Europe. Their artistic covers reveal a love for both the book and the word.

Photo by Niklas Bengtsson: Prayers and blessings are carved on the Leopard Spotted Cowrie Shells. The engraved seashells are flea market finds from Sweden. Niklas Bengtsson’s collection.

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From Zero to Hero

21.3.2024 - 2.2.2025