Nhà văn hóa cộng đồng thôn Choản Thèn – Village House in Vietnam

29.11.2017 - 7.1.2018

Photos of Ha Nhi women’s life in Chon Then village in northern Vietnam. The Ha Nhi people are one of many minorities in the country. Originally, they are from the plains of Tibet. In addition to Vietnam, Ha Nhi live in China and Laos.

The Ha Nhi in the village of Chon Then make their living mainly through growing rice as well as raising chickens and livestock. Many of the oldest women among them are illiterate. The girls do go to school, but many of them leave school in puberty. Most of the daily work in the homes and in the fields are done by women.

The exhibition of the everyday life of Ha Nhi women is part of a joint development cooperation project by the Museum, the Association of Vietnamese Folklorists and the Vietnam-Seura (the Finland-Vietnam Society). In addition to photography, the project has entailed renovation of the Village House in Chon Then and providing education for women in tourism-related businesses.

Photo: The women of the Ha Nhi minority are known for their skilled handicrafts. Photo: Hoang Thi Thu Thang 2017

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