I Am European 

Fighting Prejudice with a Game of Empathy!

Kuvassa poseeraavat Olen eurooppalainen -hankkeen työryhmästä Mosi Herati, Mohammed Yousif ja Zabi Yawari.
Team members of the project “I am European”: Mosi Herati, Mohammed Yousif and Zabi Yawari. Photo: Karri Anttila/ Lvngroom

This project implemented by the Helinä Rautavaara Museum in 2021–2022 was part of a larger project called I Am European; Migrant Stories & Facts for the 21st Century, which aimed to increase young people’s understanding of migration and to develop their empathy for the people.

The project tools include a series of videos in which young influencers who had migrated to Finland tell their stories, and an empathy-enhancing game about applying for a residency permit in Finland. In the greater Helsinki area, more than 300 secondary-school students have played the game and given very good feedback.

Eight European countries have taken part in the I Am European; Migrant Stories & Facts for the 21st Century project, the goal of which is to bring about a more equal and unified Europe. The project received funding from the European Union. The contents produced by and the opinions of the Helinä Rautavaara Museum are not to be considered those of the European Union.

Take a look at the project videos on the Museum’s Vimeo account.